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Case Sample Response Quinte MRI Essay

1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Quinte MRI is BCMC service provider for MRI since February. Quite has been chosen to replace the existing service provider as BCMC wanted to increase the number of days available for MRI from two. BCMC were aware of Quinte impressive capabilities, such as 24 hrs per day and 7 days/week, and Haider’s integrity and personal attentiveness. MRI clinic operations in May and now is June and there are some issues. There is a backlog for the machine, the technician is working lots of works overtime, the doctors are getting their results late so they began to refer patients to competitors  MRI. The identified root cause for all of these issues is that the process is not fed properly that’s why the capacity is low. By feeding the process we mean in this case the scheduling of the patients. The alternative proposed is to change the way the schedule of the patients is done now and some changes in the process. We might expect some resistance from the doctors as they will have to m ake sure that they don’t refer for MRI patients which do not fit. Also a scan an hour will be booked. After monitoring and control in two months will be decided if a part time technologist will be hired. 2. ISSUE IDENTIFICATION Immediate issues Walk-ins patients. The expected lead time for referred patients is 48hrs but some patients called walk-ins requested scan that day. It is a significant number of walk-ins patients per year, 600, as the number of referred patients per year is 1600. If we consider these numbers: 250 operating days per year and 600 walk-ins, this means average 2.4 walk-ins per day. Patients not fit for MRI. If a technologist determined that the patient does not fit to MRI the patient is sent home and the machine is idle. This means an average 1.2 patients/day, it is a lot. Non-metal clothing. The patient is requested to wear non metal clothing to the scan to be performed. If not the patient has to change in hospital gown. 25% of the patients are in this category, this is a lot. Loss of patients referrals As the waiting list for MRI scans is 14 days old the doctors refers patients for MRI to competition clinics Complains from hospital administrators about: MR machine low productivity, the strain resulting from MR technologist’s heavy overtime schedule, loss of patient referrals Late transcriptions report Doctors expected to receive transcriptions reports within two days of their request which didn’t happen so they started to refer the patients to some other MRI BCMC was dissatisfied because of the loss of referrals by Quinte MRI MR technologist and machine low productivity The machine was scheduled for one scan per hour but was not meeting this rate. MR technologist not willing to work too much overtime as he does now. Systemic issues Process and capacity issues. There is a issue with the existing process which causes an issue for the capacity. These create the backlog which then create  a bullwhip effect. 3. ENVIRONMENT AND ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS SWOT Analysis Strengths: is a growing business; it maintained a variety of exclusive or partnership business arrangements; its equipment and components were from many leading; manufacturers; impressive capabilities; Haider’s integrity and personal attentiveness; availability for 24hrs/day, 7days/week; the machine was new, only six weeks old Weaknesses: 1 one machine available with the capacity of two patients/hr; for 25 of the scans the scanning is 45min so less than two scans/hr; the hospital would pay the radilologist and schedule the clinic; only one technician which works too much overtime and he is willing to work less in the future Opportunities: MRI had become increasingly popular with the medical profession; the number of procedures grows a lot every ear; the number of scans grows a lot as well; the number of hospitals and non-hospitals scanning sites had risen as well a lot; BCMC has been located in a very good location with doctors, hospital beds, over 20 specialties,; there is ro om for competition; the forecast anticipates that MRI scans will grow with 15% yearly Threads: MRI equipment represents a significant investment; the facility requires space and the equipment requires shielding from magnetic fields; there is a shortage of good MR technologists, especially in rural areas, not easy to find a person willing to work part time Root cause – looking at the issues and considering the environment, the identified root cause is that the process is not fed properly that’s why the capacity is low. By feeding the process we mean in this case the scheduling of the patients. 4. ALTERNATIVES AND OR OPTIONS There is proposed the following alternative. Alternative. In this alternative there are proposed some changes in the existing system as: the scheduling system to be computerized as this will eliminate the misreading caused by different hand writings; for eight hour shift to have scheduled eight patients as this will allow room for the technologist to send on time to the radiologist the scans faster so the radiologist will not complain and he will also send faster the results to the doctors. Scheduling only eight patients a day might lead to some extra  time which can be used for walk-in patients as well; the doctor should never refer for MRI scanning a patient which is not physical able. In this way we will eliminate the idle times of the machine. When the doctor assistant contact for appointment they have to have this in writing-the patient is able for MRI; the patient has to come with 30 min before the appointment to fill out the forms and change in hospital gown. In this way we will eliminate the delay when the technologis t finds out that the patient is not prepared and he has to wait till he changes his clothes. In two months if there are not the expected changes, we will try to hire a part time technologist and pay overtime to the existing one until we find one. With part time shift we will cover 12 hours a day. In this way we will increase the number of scans in the future. The challenges that we will have with this alternative might be: convincing the BCMC to implement the computerized scheduled and follow our schedule suggestions or let our receptionist to do the schedule; the resistance from doctors as they will not have to refer the patients which are not fit for MRI; eight patients/day means 2000/year without overtime or walk-ins which is less than we do today 1600 refered+600walkins. We might not be able to scan average 10/day and this means less than we do now but still these will be happy patients, not waiting, not wrong schedule, radiologists and doctors happy; we still might need a part time person for the future so we will be able to grow and have vacation coverage. 5. RECOMMENDATIONS The alternative above it is recommended to be implemented. This will involve changes in scheduling system and also in the scanning process. 6. IMPLEMENTATION What Who When Doctors to refer fit patients only BCMC operation manager Immediate for long term New scheduling system Quinte MRI Operation Manager In two weeks Patients to arrive 30min early Quinte MRI Operation Manager Immediate Sending the patients to change room to put gown on and waiting there for the technolog. Receptionist immediate 7. MONITOR AND CONTROL The Quinte MRI operation manager will analyze weekly the number of scans (referral scans and walk-in scans), the number of the patients which are  sent home without scan and the reason, the number of wrong recordings in the schedule (scan A and B instead of A and D), how much idle time, how often the scans are sent to the technologists. At every two weeks a cross-functional team with the following members will analyze the weekly numbers that Quinte OPS manager has, the radiologist number of scans received, how often the doctors get their results and the number of days in backlog. Cross-functional team members: Quinte MRI ops manager, BCMC ops manager, BCMC information technology, David and Kevin buss development coordinators. Meeting after two months and deciding whether or not to hire a part time MRI technologist.

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Goldman, Sachs & Co. Nikkei Put Warrants †1989

Course: OFD Instructor: B. Hariprasad Assignment #1: Goldman, Sachs & Co. Nikkei Put Warrants – 1989 Section A Ankit Pandey Himanshu Agarwal Suchit Singh Problem Statement What should be the right pricing strategy for Nikkei Put Warrants (NPWs)? Structure of Nikkei-Linked Euro-Yen Transactions 1. The European bank sold a bond that promised to make annual interest payments in yen at a fixed interest rate. However, through a set of swaps, the issuer transformed its annual fixed-rate yen payments into dollar-denominated LIBOR-bases payments.This is represented by the left side transaction of the above figure. 2. At maturity, the issuer would redeem the bonds from the investor at a price tied to the Nikkei. If the Nikkei fell since the bonds were issued, the issuer would pay less than par to redeem the bonds. Thus, it would be as if the issuer sold bonds with the final principal payments at par but also bought a put option on the Nikkei maturing in the same year as the bond. If th e Nikkei fell, the put would rise in value benefiting the issuer.This reflects the embedded nature of the put option. 3. The issuer had no interest in holding this put. It often resold the embedded put options to financial intermediaries like Goldman Sachs by promising to deliver, at maturity, the difference between the bond’s par value and its Nikkei-linked redemption price. In exchange for promising to make this payment, which equaled the intrinsic value of the embedded put, the bond issuer would be paid an up-front put premium. This is represented by the right side transaction in the above figure. 4.Goldman Sachs then could sell these puts to institutional customers. Not all of these puts were sold to institutional customers. As of December 1989, Goldman Sachs had a significant inventory of European-style puts on Nikkei and it was offsetting the risk on these puts through the futures offered by Singapore, Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges. 5. The sales force of Goldman Sachs gave an extremely positive feedback on the embedded put options and it was decided that exchange traded put warrants would be a good product offering from company’s point of view.Role of Kingdom of Denmark 1. Goldman Sachs was a private partnership and non-SEC registrant and hence could not issue the warrants publicly without making material public disclosures. Therefore it was necessary for it to work with an issuer registered with the SEC. The issuer would sell the warrants to the public but simultaneously enter into private contract with Goldman Sachs that exactly offset the obligation under the warrant contract. In return, it would receive a fee from Goldman Sachs without effectively having any exposure on Nikkei. . In addition to above argument, the issuer should be highly credit worthy and non US sovereign entity due to adverse reporting implications for a US corporate issuer. 3. Based on the above criteria, Goldman Sachs entered into an agreement with Kingdom of Denma rk, which would get a fee of $1. 3 million from these transactions. Risks exposure for Goldman Sachs 1. Risk of bearing the unsold inventory of NPWs If the investors find prices too high then much of the inventory would remain unsold and GS will have to bear the costs of unsold warrants.Risk Mitigation GS would offset its risk through futures position in the Nikkei offered by the Singapore, Osaka & Tokyo stock exchanges 2. Exchange Rate Risks Considering preference of U. S investors, GS would bear the exchange rate risks for its investors. This implies that GS has to sell NPWs in terms of dollars whereas the same has been purchased by it in terms of yen. Also, in the 1980s, the Nikkei and the yen/dollar exchange rate were moving in opposite direction which further increased its exposure to exchange rate risk. Risk MitigationThis can be mitigated through Quantos, a product offered by its currency and commodity division. A complete hedge would cost GS about $1 per warrant whereas hedg ing 80% of its risk would cost it $0. 50 per warrant only 3. Repute at risk GS would not like to keep the prices very low. At the same time it cannot price them very high as there is a risk that competitors might copy the product and start selling it at lower prices. Also, if NPWs started trading at lower prices in the secondary market this would bring disrepute for the organization and its partners involved.Price Calculation Assumptions †¢ Constant Volatility †¢ Securities are traded continuously †¢ Zero transactions costs †¢   The risk free rate is constant and it is possible to borrow and lend infinitely at this rate Variables for put intrinsic value calculation †¢ S0= Nikkei index = 38586. 16 †¢ Exchange rate ? /$ = 144. 28 †¢ Exercise price = 38587. 68 †¢ Implied Volatility = ? = 13. 6% †¢ q = dividend yield = 0. 49% †¢ Risk-free rate = 5. 85% †¢ T = time to maturity = 3 years Based on the above inputs, the price of Ameri can option is 1852. 9 yens which is $2. 57. When cost of hedging is added, this becomes $3. 57. Fixed Costs Fee for Kingdom of Denmark: $ 1300000 Legal and listing fee: $ 350000 Commissions: $ 3000000 Costs of R&D: $ 1250000 Total: $5900000 Cost per NPW: $0. 621 Total fixed plus variable: $4. 191 Hence, this is the minimum price Goldman Sachs can charge for NPWs. ———————– Swap Counterparty European Bank (Issuer) Put Warrant Purchaser gr? Y  Ã‚ ± y. /0123

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Is Organ Donation Ever Not Accepted - 1221 Words

Organ donation is a successful process of removing tissues or organs surgically from one person to another (Cleveland Clinic, 2013). Many questions based on organ donation run along the lines of why people do not donate, but many do not realize that not everyone is allowed or able to donate because some people are not physically capable to have a successful transplant (Prigent et al., 2014). Meaning that the donor’s organs are too weak, or the donor’s organs are too old, in some cases the donor and recipient do not have the same blood type, which then causes alloimmunization (Kawano et al., 2014; Prigent et al., 2014). In the United States, there are more than 117,000 people waiting for an organ donor and 18 people on the waiting list die†¦show more content†¦Alloimmunization can either immediately show the rejection of the graft or it can take from eight months to four years (Prigent et al., 2014). There are two main ways to see if a an organ is rejected: the first is recruitment, inflammation, and cell damage and the second is the cytotoxicty of Natural Killer cells which stimulate the killer receptors on the transplanted organ (Prigent et al., 2014). Although there are physical factors that determine if a person is eligible or not, the law and government also play a part in the eligibility of whether or not a person is accepted to donate their organs to a recipient. A man named Christian Longo was sentenced to death for the murder of his family (Ramage, Bean, Johnson, 2011, p. 308). In prison, Longo came to the conclusion of voluntarily donating his organs after death (Ramage, Bean, Johnson, 2011, p. 308). His appeal was rejected not by the state, but by the prison authorities because they do not believe that the public and the inmates would not be pleased with this service (Ramage, Bean, Johnson, 2011, p. 308-309). In the United States, there are more than 3,000 prisoners on death row and most would have healthy organs and tissues when they die (Ramage, Bean, Johnson, 2011, p. 308). Some states use three lethal injectionsShow MoreRelatedOrgan Donation Persuasive Speech Essay1115 Words   |  5 Pagescouldn’t live without? Imagine you are lying in a hospital bed and you have no choice but to impatiently wait for that one organ you and your body are depending on to survive. Many people face this struggle every day. These people are waiting on a list for their perfect match†¦ the perfect person to be their organ donor. An organ donor is a person who has an organ, or several organs, removed in ordered to be transplanted into another person. Imagine that one of your loved ones are in the hospital†¦Read MoreThe Pros and Cons of Xenotransplantation: Organ Donations1073 Words   |  5 Pagestalk about today is called xenotransplantation. If you haven’t ever heard about xenotransplantation that’s okay, a lot of people haven’t. As you know many of the people who need organ donations need them because of new and old health issues. The worldwide demand for organs far surpasses the supply. A study done by the United Network for Organ Sharing in 2004 found that over one hundred thousand patients could have benefited from an organ transplant but only twenty-nine thousand were available. In theRead MoreBenefits Of A Transplant Or A Kidney Transplant1646 Words   |  7 Pagesare on you. What would you do? Would you give or keep? Savings lives can be something that is dreaded or heroic. In fact, each day, an average of 79 people receive organ transplants because of the generous. However, an average of 2 1 people die each day waiting for transplants that can t take place because of the shortage of donated organs ( How can we fix this? Are you the friend that will give a helping hand or one that will run away? Currently, more than 120 million people in theRead MoreThe Problem Of Organ Failure1712 Words   |  7 Pagesthere are more ill individuals in the world than there are donated organs to give them a second chance at life. Human nature is to live and enjoy life; unfortunately, the failure of an organ can have catastrophic effects that lead to death. Organ failure can strike anyone, regardless of where that person may be located on a map and at any point throughout history. Its’ effects are prevalent in today’s society, more so than it has ever been before as humanity is struggling against the ongoing effectsRead MoreShould The Sale Of Organs Become Legalized?1494 Words   |  6 PagesShould the Sale of organs become legalized? Organ donation is the process of giving an organ or a part of an organ for the purpose of transplantation into another person. However in the United States an average of twenty one people die each day waiting for transplants due to shortages of donated organs according to the Government run website It s not as though the others will eventually get kidneys if they just wait, sustained in the meantime by dialysis. In the next year, nearlyRead MoreBlack Market Organ Harvesting: Is it Truly Inevitable?1619 Words   |  7 Pagesfor human tissue and bodily fluids. Human tissues are a product in high demand with little supply. People ask if there is a way to stop this. There is not. The black market trade in organs, bones, blood, and plasma is inevitable due to the ambiguity surrounding organ donation and transplant laws, a shortage of organ donors, and the lucrative nature of selling human tissues. Law and economics recognize three types of markets with varying degrees of legality: white, gray, and black. The trade inRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of Organ Donation1852 Words   |  8 PagesNicholas Spangler Ms. Thalheimer English 12 17 November, 2017 Organ Donation Should be Mandatory Organ harvesting is a surgical procedure that involves removing the organs from a brain-dead victim. Whereas, an organ transplantation is a surgical procedure that removes old defective organs, and replaces them with the new organs from the organ harvesting. Both of these two terms make up the total process of organ donation. Organ Donation carries various pros and cons in the short term and long termRead MoreAn Ethical Implication of Organ Transplants3625 Words   |  15 PagesAn Ethical Implication of Organ Transplants Nickolus Sorenson Health Care Ethics and Medical Law Instructor: Kymberly Lum September 24, 2012 All aspects of health care face the inevitability of moral and ethical issues arising on numerous fronts. The organ donation and transplantation field of medicine is no exception. Each day, approximately 18 people die waiting for an organ to become available for transplant (Taranto, 2010). In the grand schemeRead MoreThe Theory Of The Philosophy1354 Words   |  6 Pagestheories ever as far as an issue of morality is concerned. The theory is based on the concept of what is morally permissible by many. This means that the theory defines whether an action is morally right or wrong by evaluating how it is permissible by many in the society. Kant, a German philosopher argued that what is accepted in the society is what makes people’s lives good and that is what is moral. The theory states that even the simple things should not be ignored as far as they are accepted by universalRead MoreThe First Human Organ Transplant1846 Words   |  8 PagesDecember of 1954, the first human organ transplant was performed in the United States between identical twin brothers. In the past sixty years, organ transplantation has become the gold standard in the treatment of organ failure from a number of underlying causes with dramatic improvements to recipients’ health and quality of life (Kaserman, 2007). From the first kidney transplant in 1954 to the late 1980’s, one of the biggest advancements was the use of cadaver organs. Organ rejection was the primary concern

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Analysis Of The Movie Carrie - 1245 Words

Carrie was more of a quiet person who never did anything to anyone. She worked hard on her grades. She wasn’t a very outgoing person. Carrie’s hair was dyed pink, she usually wore ripped jeans and plain t-shirts. Alison on the other hand was the total opposite of Carrie. Alison was known as the school bully. She never did her homework, and she was loud and outgoing and not to mention very mean. Alison had black hair and usually wore shorts and t-shirts. Both Carrie and Alison had blue eyes. One day Carrie was walking down the hallway, they hallway had white walls and white tiled floor with one colorful tiled tile. Alison was walking towards her. When Alison got closer to Carrie she started bullying her by saying very mean and offensive things to her like â€Å"You’re stupid, you’re ugly and no one likes you!’’ Carrie didn’t say anything to her just ignored her. When Alison saw Carrie had no reaction she pushed Carrie into a wall. Carrie hit the back of her head on the locker and fell to her knees afterwards. She cried because of the pain it caused. Months went by and Alison’s bullying got worse verbally and physically. One day it got to Carrie and she finally stood up for herself, she wasn’t going to get bullied into silence. The next day Alison came up to her and before she could say anything Carrie said in a firm voice â€Å"What is your problem? I’ve never done anything to you. Why are you bullying me? If something is going on at home talk to someone about it.’’ Alison justShow MoreRelatedMovie Sex And The City1735 Words   |  7 Pages The romantic comedy movie Sex and the City was centered on four main characters. The story was told in the point of view of the main character, Carrie Bradshaw. For the purpose of the concept analysis paper, we were told to evaluate possible characters who may exhibit possible mental disorders. According to MedlinePlus Medical Dictionary (2015), a mental disorder is define as the disorganization of emotions, personality, and mind that have a serious impact on the normal psychological functioningRead MoreMovie Analysis : The Good Lie1610 Words   |  7 PagesThe Good Lie Movie Analysis The good lie is a movie about a refugee family from war ridden Sudan. They begin as children trying to fight for their lives on the way to safety, losing a brother along the way to a group of soldiers. When they finally reach the refugee camp they find: a safe place to stay, warm food, and new clothes. Shortly after their arrival they lose yet another brother. They patiently wait for a plane ticket out of Sudan, and after thirteen long years, they get their chance. TheyRead MoreFilm Analysis of Memento Essay845 Words   |  4 PagesFilm Analysis of Memento Columbia Tristar Films starring Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Joe Pantoliano released â€Å"Memento† in 2001. The movie was produced by Suzanne and Jennifer Todd, and was directed by Christopher Nolan. Christopher Nolan also wrote the short story and screenplay. This film is about a man named Leonard, played by Guy Pearce, who suffered a major brain injury to the hippocampus that left him with a rare memory disorder called anterograde amnesiaRead MoreBec Case Questions Chapter 51166 Words   |  5 PagesCase Study - (2,6,7,8,9) 2. Develop a detailed project schedule for the analysis phase and a general project schedule for subsequent phases of this project. This schedule should follow from answers to questions in BEC cases from prior chapters and from any class project guidelines given to you by your instructor. Be prepared to suggest a different overall schedule than the 18 workweeks indicated in the case if your available project time is different from this project length. Also prepareRead MoreThe Dipiction of Teens in Society through Films2480 Words   |  10 Pageshave negative views. Many adults believe teenagers offer civilization a bleak future. The purpose of this study is to determine approximately how much teenagers are repeatedly being depicted as negative. Susannah R. Stern (2005) conducted this analysis of teenagers in popular films to examine how much influence certain messages of teenage motivations and behaviors have on adults in the audience. The hypothesis of Stern’s (2005) experiment was that popular films are negatively influencing adultsRead MoreDarth Vaders Psychological Profile Essay1630 Words   |  7 PagesAlex K. Ms. Fitzgibbons Adv. Psychology-C October 31, 2011 A Psychological Analysis of the Character of Darth Vader The Star Wars franchise has enlightened us about visions of the possible future; from flying cities to powerful weapons that can destroy entire planets. The mystical Jedi, the guardians of the Galactic Republic and users of the light side, fighting the Sith, evil warriors of cunning and treachery who use the dark side, both of whom wield the Force, an interconnecting ofRead MoreEternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Narrative Analysis2135 Words   |  9 PagesKami Naughton Professor Chris Cooling Introduction to Film 21 September 2015 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Narrative Analysis Charlie Kaufman and Michel Gondry found the perfect, fragmented form to simulate memories in the non-linear storyline of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004). The thematic elements of the film helps this simplistic story of love found, lost, and found again develop into a complex pattern, much like the workings of the brain. Each character is everything youRead MoreA Response To Night Shift : Strawberry Spring Short Story1220 Words   |  5 Pagesnovels and short stories with creepy settings; King admits that he fears bugs to add to the list of things that freaks him out. One of his earlier short stories from 1976, women at college fall victim to a â€Å"Jack the Ripper† style character. My analysis of King’s use of the literary elements, combined with his horror reflected in his short story, â€Å"Strawberry Spring†. (The Fact Site, 8 Apr. 2017) Author Stephen Edwin King was born on September 21, 1947, in Portland, Maine. King is one of the mostRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Strawberry Spring By Stephen King1288 Words   |  6 Pagesfall victim to a â€Å"Jack the Ripper† style character with a mysterious fog that weighs heavy over the campus. King, the narrator, also a student, leads us on a twisted tale in a foggy New England town to search who committed the horrifying acts. My analysis of Stephen King’s use of the literary elements, together with his history of horror reflected from his short story, â€Å"Strawberry Spring† (The Fact Site, 8 Apr. 2017) Author Stephen Edwin King was born on September 21, 1947, in Portland, Maine. KingRead MoreIron Jawed Angels2588 Words   |  11 PagesTitle: Summary, Reaction, and Analysis Paper #1: Iron-Jawed Angels Iron Jawed Angels is a story of two women fighting for women’s rights. They led the struggle for the passage of the 19th amendment to the constitution which gave women the right to vote. These two women along with others petitioned, campaigned, and picketed to publicize the issue. After being arrested for â€Å"traffic violations† a group of women spent time in Occoquan Workhouse. Here they went on a hunger strike to protest

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Essay on Cause and Effect of Divorce - 530 Words

Cause and Effect of Divorce â€Å"DIVORCE† – Just the sound of such word in any married couple or children’s ear can cause great agony that can even become terminal. Research and personal experience, has proven that in todays society, divorce is more common amongst newlyweds. Since 2009 the rate of divorce has increased to approximately forty percent, There are three out of every ten marriage that ends up in divorce before it reaches the stage of maturity, and the most prevalent results are – lack of communication and infidelity. A Prominent saying state – â€Å"Good Communication is the key to a healthy relationship or marriage†; whether it may be verbal or non-verbal. Many marriages end up in divorce, because of neglecting to communicate†¦show more content†¦Unfortunately such is not the case in today’s society; spouses are taking each other for granted and neglecting what they use to see and yearn for before they became married. Spouses wake up in t he morning, barely saying a word to each other or children, get dressed, and walk out the door. Such case can inevitably result in spouses becoming vulnerable, separate, and commit adultery with the person who listens and communicates with them, and at the same time, cause the children to seek attention by joining a gang or engaging themselves with bad company. In most marriages, divorce is caused by an obsessive, cheating spouse. Majority of the time, you hear women complaining – â€Å"My husband refuses to keep his private part in his pants, he wants to ‘screw’ everything that wears skirt, and I cannot endure the agony anymore, I want a divorce.† When a couple divorce because of infidelity, it does not only devastates the person who was faithful in the marriage, but also the children. Research has shown that children, who grow up in an environment where their parents divorced as a result of cheating, may become insecure and doubtful while some may think it’s perfectly alright to do the same, and become promiscuous. Some children become emotionally detached and perform poorly academically. Sometimes they become overweight and unattractive, and at the same time, failing to take care of their personalShow MoreRelated The Causes And Effects Of Divorce Essay1245 Words   |  5 Pagesforever. This situation leads to the phenomenon called divorce, which unfortunately is becoming more common than ever before, and it is drastically bringing new effects in the lives of those individuals involved. Some causes for divorce vary from couple to couple, but the most frequent ones tend to be, change of women’s role in society, lack of communication, and lack of trust in the relationship. One significant cause that leads to divorce is the change in women’s roles. In the past, women dependedRead MoreCause and Effect Divorce Essay695 Words   |  3 PagesCriste Wise 5/17/2011 Cause and Effect Divorce People all around the world want to love and be loved. We search most our lives looking for the perfect spouse. When you think you’ve found the right one, and you’re ready to spend forever together they join as one in marriage. Nevertheless, some marriages fail and the two turn to divorce. There can be numerous reasons for a divorce. Here are three major causes: lack of communication, financial problems and cheating, which are listed below. TheRead MoreEssay on Causes and Effects of Divorce620 Words   |  3 PagesCauses and Effects of Divorce Relationships are all about give and take, and to maintain them people must be willing to do the work. Today dissolution of marriage is being used as the easy way out when couples can no longer agree. Although people tend to think carefully before they get marriage, the rate of divorce continuously rise nowadays. There are three main causes of divorce: lack of communication, financial problems, and infidelity, which are explained throughout this essay. The first significantRead MoreEssay on The Causes and Effects of Divorce500 Words   |  2 Pages but some couples are unable to maintain their relationship, because they choose divorce as a solution to cope with the problems between husband and wife. Furthermore divorce is definitely on a rise. The effects of divorce can be detrimental to a family, but the causes of divorce can be just as bad. In this essay we will cover one of the main causes of divorce and one of the main effects. One of the main causes that marriages are not lasting is the change in the roles of woman today. Prior toRead More Cause and Effect Essay - Christianity Causes Divorce727 Words   |  3 PagesCause and Effect Essay - Christianity Causes Divorce â€Å"Bible Belt Couples ‘Put Asunder’ More,† the New York Times proclaimed on May 21 of this year: â€Å"The divorce rate in many parts of the Bible Belt is roughly 50% above the national average.† So much for the notion that secularism is to blame for the decline of traditional families, among other frequently lamented social ills. Apparently, in a least a few states, the divorce rate correlates to an excess of piety, not the absence of it. WhatRead MoreCauses of Divorce Essay886 Words   |  4 PagesCause and Effect of Divorce In today’s society, divorce is more the norm than ever before. Forty percent of all marriages end in divorce. Divorce defined by Webster is the action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage. Divorce itself is both a cause and effect. There are many causes of divorce. Some of the causes happen more often than others. For instance, the most common causes of divorce are poor communication, financial problems such as lack of money, lack of commitment to marriageRead MoreDivorce808 Words   |  4 Pagestheir relationship so they choose to divorce, which is one of the solutions to cope with problems between a husband and wife. Most people claim to think carefully before they get married, but the divorce rates continue to increase. There are three main causes of divorce: the changing of a man and a woman s role, stress in modern living and the lack of communication between the married couple. The first significant cause of recent rise in the rates of divorce is that women completely change in rolesRead MoreDivorce And Its Effects On Children978 Words   |  4 PagesDivorce is a touchy subject for some people to discuss, although it is an issue that is occurring very often in people’s lives today. A divorce can affect everyone involved, including the children, unfortunately. Divorce and its effects set a bad example to children and their future lives as young adults, along with having life-long effects from the divorce because of things that they experienced during it. The different causes of a divorce have multiple effects on the children who are experiencingRead MoreThe Divorce Rate Of Divorce1123 Words   |  5 Pagesrelationship, therefore they choose divorce, which is one of the solutions to cope with problems between husband and wife. Furthermore, most people think carefully before they get marriage. However, the divorce rates trend to continually increase n owadays, thus it might be argued that divorces can be taken place easier than the past. In the United States, researchers estimate that 40%–50% of all first marriages, and 60% of second marriages, will end in divorce. Divorce has always been present in AmericanRead MoreDivorce And Its Effect On Children881 Words   |  4 PagesIn society today, divorce is more the custom than it has ever been before. There are countless causes for divorce as there are people who split-up. There are numerous dynamics that subsidize to divorce, such as financial issues, substance abuse by a partner, irresponsibility of one or both parties, sexual carelessness, the effortlessness of receiving a divorce, and several other reasons. Divorce is the result of a marriage that is confronted with complications that appear undefeatable, an incapability

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Customer Service Policies

Questions : Task 1 a) Reasons for using customer service policies and its purpose indicating assistance in future staff training and development of Britannia Hotels. b) Evaluation of different communication methods and how it is used as a best effect in Britannia Hotels c) Analyzing customer perceptions, which influences customer service provision at Britannia hotels: Task 2: a) Undertaking secondary research in assessing information of customer requirements and the satisfaction levels at hospitality organization b) Primary research on customer requirements and the satisfaction level for Britannia hotels by suggesting potential improvements Task 3: a) Delivering customer service in business from organizations context b) Reviewing own performances on deliveries of customer service and making necessary recommendations Answers: Customer Service In Britannia Hotels Customer service is a provision of service made to the customers before and after a purchase. This has the perception that interacts with the dependent people who can adjust themselves evenly. It is also referred sometimes as Culture of organization because it has the priority that makes products and services even through good innovation and pricing. In this research, the researcher has identified chains of UK hotel brands that form a homogenous society in making quality differences (Paluch and Blut, 2013). The researcher will investigate major practices of Britannia Hotels in making the research effective on customer requirements, consultation and monitoring success through major implementations. However, to access a particular position that makes the research ideal will build a specific purpose on various types of communication styles. Conducting the research would provide benefits through primary evaluation that will improve potential requirements of customers on Britannia Hotels (Singla, 2012). Hence, as an operation manager of Britannia Hotels in North London, the general has requested to review customer service policies and training programs which would make an excellent reputation in the market (Coldwell, 2013). Understanding customer service policies on Business Task 1 a) Reasons for using customer service policies and its purpose indicating assistance in future staff training and development of Britannia Hotels: As requested by the general manager of Britannia Hotels in North London, the operation manager would improvise major ideas that make customer service policies good. Customers cherish the business and take care of the things, which have a good value. It is seen that customer spends 10% more on a same product to make the service better (Oliveira and Gimeno, 2014). Every organization makes a good involvement in holding its territories ideal and to be profitable, Britannia Hotels should reflect a good image though points that are: On Sustainable competitive advantage, the rival business would match up easily on major prices and products but would be hard to propagate outstanding customer service. Building relationships would provide excellent customer service to the major clients. This would develop their balance in making their relationship specific on a major brand(Nguyen, Leclerc and LeBlanc, 2013). Continuous improvements are also necessary as through clients interaction, one can learn what clients has observed and liked about that brand and so that areas needs be to improved. Accountability serves as a major platform on the online platform because reputation may fall successively in business(Lapr, 2010). These mistakes can be overlooked to provide exceptional service to grow the business in higher positions. The purpose of indicating assistance on future staff training and reputation will make an alliance on customer service policies. This will motivate the customers through future assessment in building their value in making relationship among them. The operation manager of Britannia hotels will review its current policies to make the approach better through cost efficiency and attracting future customers to gain credibility on major product and services (Hudson and Hudson, 2013). This will however make the performances ideal through ethical values, which could provide customers with a relative focus in driving them to good position in future through technology and innovation. Understanding purpose of promoting customer-focus culture b) Evaluation of different communication methods and how it is used as a best effect in Britannia Hotels: Communication provides good alliance in interacting with people through different ways. As reviewed by the operational manager of Britannia hotels, the segment will bring new change in their communication styles (Geierhos, 2011). The ideas that make a successful change in the communication methods developed to get the best effect on Britannia Hotels reflects on various opinions that are as follows: Verbal communication: Verbal communication includes written and oral communication. Written communication involves the use of traditional use of pen and paper items that involves on e-documents, emails, texts, SMS, etc. This forms a dominant position, which includes brochures, handbooks, memos, and formal business proposals. The other form that is oral communication includes face-to-face, voice chat, voice conferencing, phone calls, etc. This has an effective part on communication styles maintained on voice clarity, pitch, modulation and body language (Coldwell, 2013). Non-verbal communication: This entails on communicating by sending and receiving messages. It also conveys thoughts and feelings of their own. Body language includes eye contact, facial expressions, body posture, voice tone, etc. Visual communication: This comes through visual aids like as drawing, graphic design, illustration, signs, and electronic resources. Visual communication reinforces written communication through graphs and charts. The technological developments made here is easier to develop practices on Britannia hotels. c) Analyzing customer perceptions, which influences customer service provision at Britannia hotels: A survey shows that there are around 36 UK hotel chains, and these attract a good price on the top-rated hotels. They have a better strategic alliance on customer service, good bed comfort, and a good value for money. Britannia Hotels runs on a slow chain on other hotels in getting an overall rating of just 36%, and the major customers do not attract to their services. Hence, to bring a change in Britannia Hotels, the operation manager would implement innovation techniques, which would bring luxury, good infrastructure, good employee support and good behavior to restrain customers hold (Anosike and Eid, 2011). Customer service provisions have a good hold on major hotel industries. This reflects Britannia hotel through major areas that are as follows: Selection process: The manager of Britannia Hotels has revised new methods in making the market significant. Here, messages are created to develop an ideal strategy on the competitive lines of the research process (Bacal, 2011). Customers are interested towards major messages to build on motivation and theory. Organizations control: Consumers classify perception that overlooks in making a good sense on stimuli. This forms on various grouping options that are closely related (Evenson, 2012). Here, people are associated with messages and interact on the common lines of forming good reputation. Interpretation: Consumers apply their mode of learning to make esteem criteria in understanding development and interpret their conversations for organizations effectiveness. Exposure to stimuli: Here, customers interact in making a proper position on outlook and development. This has a good dimension that holds successful on Britannia hotels (Geierhos, 2011). Investigating Customer requirements and its expectations Task 2: a) Undertaking secondary research in assessing information of customer requirements and the satisfaction levels at hospitality organization The researcher has taken significant findings that make the research varied on application and criteria on Britannia hotels. As evaluated by Lapre (2010), the idea of this research will make a particular territory assess customer satisfaction levels on hospitality sectors. Through various articles and blogs, a survey was found that out of 500 hotels the rating was found to be just 50% overall. However, it is seen that from the 650 hotels in UK, Premier Inn is one of the biggest chains than Britannia hotels. This is because of the excellent quality and customer satisfaction maintained in these hotel chains. As opined by Hudson and Hudson (2013), to make the topic evident, the operational manager has evaluated ideas that make the plan authentic on customer expectations, delivering a good promise, building customer loyalty and expanding communication networks. On the contrary, the impact of customer satisfaction brings a good strategy in making the service providers of Hospitality secto rs even (Nguyen, Leclerc and LeBlanc, 2013). This will formulate in delivering sophisticated products and services that customer demands from hospitality sectors. b) Primary research on customer requirements and the satisfaction level for Britannia hotels by suggesting potential improvements To make the research appropriate, researcher has taken concepts on customer satisfaction involved through questionnaires forms. Q.1) How far are you satisfied with customer satisfaction levels of Britannia hotels on major improvements that are taking place. Options No. of respondents Frequency (%) Total number of respondents Strongly satisfied 5 10 50 Satisfied 10 20 50 Neutral 5 10 50 Dissatisfied 10 20 50 Strongly dissatisfied 20 40 50 Table 1: Customer satisfaction levels of Britannia hotels on major improvements Analysis: The customer satisfaction level has a good impact on Britannia hotels where most of them are strongly dissatisfied, as promotions do not take place at a good rate. Q.2) what are the factors involved in potential improvements of Britannia hotels. Options No. of respondents Frequency (%) Total number of respondents Good technology 12 24 50 Innovation 22 44 50 Infrastructure facilities 10 20 50 Customer satisfaction programs 6 12 50 Table 2: Factors involved in potential improvements of Britannia hotels Analysis: The factors involved in potential requirements of Britannia hotels are seen that technology and innovation take a good place whereas customer satisfaction programs are a little low. Q.3) How far do you agree Britannia hotels will make good response in implementing innovation and techniques? Options No. of respondents Frequency (%) Total number of respondents Strongly agree 15 30 50 Agree 12 24 50 Neutral 5 10 50 Disagree 13 26 50 Strongly disagree 15 30 50 Table 3: Britannia hotels will make good response in implementing innovation and techniques Analysis: Britannia hotels have a good reflection in the change outlook of innovations and techniques. These will make a good concern where the balance is same between most customers. Providing customer service with business and services Task 3: a) Delivering customer service in business from organizations context (AC: 4.1) The idea reflected on this topic would make a theoretical approach on Britannia hotels that how planning and motivation have led to a great environment. The complexion revealed at this point delivers an outcome, which would satisfy assessment criteria of the individual. The role-played by the students in taking a professional customer whose work would be to look after the services of the company, how this is going at a good pace (Paluch and Blut, 2013). On the other side, the role of the angry customer will point out on certain defaults of hotels service will make him unhappy. Moreover, the observer will see that how consumers are reacting to these effects and have a look how employees are giving good satisfaction to customers on Britannia hotels chains (Timm, 2011). Thus, the planning agenda will reflect a mark on research notes in the three meetings. This will also see the group log and the written contribution that is going to happen. b) Reviewing own performances on deliveries of customer service and making necessary recommendations Effectively, the performances delivered by quality control of customer service programs on Britannia hotels are as follows: To listen to customers, that will monitor success in interacting with others. This will be specific to hold a proper territory, which comes in contact on customer interaction. Ideally, speech analytics involves a treaty on an evaluation that involves call whereas text analytics involves email and chats for interaction purpose(Wang, 2013). Capturing an ethical idea would assess primary channels and make the quality response on text-based interactions that are well performed. Here, the customers would find a way to interact with the organization on quality and control. Using quality monitoring on own performances would help to improve skills among customers. This would also assess in identifying skills and providing a good opportunity for making a track of learning opportunities. Providing continuous improvement would determine the consistency of individuals, which would make a sophisticated record of the individuals on progress and development on Britannia hotels(Paluch and Blut, 2013). Conclusion The idea resolved in this chapter focuses on the ideas that make a good reflection in this chapter. The researcher has conveyed business ethics that make the context ethical through customer service policies in meeting demands. These would make a treaty to indicate ideas on customer satisfaction and perceptions made on the main influences. The operational manager of Britannia Hotel has also laid primary and secondary research to make a good evaluation of customer service programs. Hence, the research concludes fundamental strategy to assess major ideas that will assist future training and development. Reference List: Anosike, U. and Eid, R. (2011). Integrating internal customer orientation, internal service quality, and customer orientation in the banking sector: an empirical study. The Service Industries Journal, 31(14), pp.2487-2505. Bacal, R. (2011). Perfect phrases for customer service. New York: McGraw-Hill. Coldwell, W. (2013). The UK's best and worst hotel chains. 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The Expression of Gratitude Essay Example For Students

The Expression of Gratitude Essay The purpose of this study was to test the effect of verbal expression of gratitude on relationship satisfaction. It was hypothesized that participants who expressed gratitude in a close relationship would have greater relationship satisfaction than those who did not express gratitude. At the end of the study, the experimental condition had a higher relationship satisfaction after gratitude expression, than the control condition after expression. For the experimental condition, relationship satisfaction after gratitude expression was significantly higher than before expression, while for the control, relationship satisfaction after expression was not significantly different than before expression. Thus, the hypothesis was supported. The current study indicates broader implications of gratitude expression that lie beyond relationship satisfaction. Since displays of appreciation suggest an increase in relationship satisfaction, gratitude can lead to longer lasting relationships between partners, and thus produce an overall decrease in divorce rates in society. Gratitude expression can also serve as positive reinforcement, with appreciation promoting re-occurrences of certain desirable acts. Specifically, following gratitude expression, recipients may be more likely to repeat a favor, or go along with an unfavorable idea a second time, and this can apply to business environments. Showing appreciation to buyers after purchases, in form of gift certificates or discounts, may strengthen bonds between customers and marketers, and encourage buyers to make future purchases. In fact, Carey et al. reported a 2% increase in store sales after customers were thanked over the phone for their purchases (1976). Although findings of thi. .e of college freshman. Cognition and Emotion, 9, 59-85. Pruyser, P. We will write a custom essay on The Expression of Gratitude specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now W. (1976). The minister as diagnostician: Personal problems in pastoral perspective. Philadelphia: Westminster Press. Saad, G. Gill, T. (2003). An evolutionary psychology perspective on gift-giving among young adults. Psychology Marketing, 20, 765-784. Simmel, G. (1950). The sociology of Georg Simmel. Glencoe, IL: Free Press. Simon, R. W., Nath, L. E. (2004). Gender and emotion in the United States: Do men and women differ in self reports of feelings or expressive behavior? American Journal of Sociology, 109, 1137-1176. Tesser, A., Gatewood, R., Driver, M. (1968). Some determinants of gratitude. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 9, 233-236. Walker, L.J., Pitts, R.C. (1998). Naturalistic conceptions of moral maturity. Developmental Psychology, 34, 403-419.